Fun, confusing, frightening… A Milkshake.

The illustation for McDonald's Milkshakes done by Piñata seems to strike up some conversation in international and Finnish media. AdWeek: Ilta-Sanomat: Trendhunter: MTV3: Huffington Post: Foodiggity:

Comcast/HBO Matte Painting

Piñata produced this matte painting for Shilo New York studios to be used in Comcast Xfinity commercial. The whole painting was something of a two-day-crunch from sketches to final, but in the end it turned out very nicely! Piñata 3d artist Timo was busy modeling and creating a lighting setup for the scene while Tuomas did some textures and painted  and retouched the elements together. The final commercial can be seen in HD here on Vimeo. Some sketches from the early stages of the production... shilo_comcast_matte_03 shilo_comcast_matte_02

Piñata thanks!

voitto_plakaati Yesterday in Voitto gala we had the honor to be awarded for the graphical execution in Seppälä films. Thanks go to all people involved, especially to all who also had the trust to gave us exceptional freedom with the style and visuals.