Two Silvers!

Piñata just scored two silver awards from The Best of the Year event, Vuoden Huiput! The winning works are Turbin in print category and Bilar in film category. Piñata thanks! huippis_bilar Making ofs here: Turbin and Bilar


pinata_pitch_turengin_tehdas For Turenki ice cream factory 50 years old campaign pinata_pitch_tutkahahmoi For Fonecta

Battery City Keeps On Going

Concept painting created for the Battery Energy Drink. The idea from Sherpa Agency was to create a "Battery City" full of activities, sporting events and parties going on the whole night. battery_city_semires The final film by Sherpa and Pablo Films is available on Youtube:

SubTV Party Design

Piñata designed the look for SubTV's "Alice in Wonderland" themed 10th anniversary party and painted a photo wall for the quests to take pictures of themselves. subtv_party subtv_kemut Partyin' hard with the teapots. subtv_jano Photo wall illustration with the White Rabbit.

Piñata 4 years!

pinata_4vee Fanfares! Piñata has turned into a brisk and proud 4 year old! And to celebrate that, we went to lovely Villa Störsvik for some relaxing times.

Oh shame!

pinata_antti Antti got a taste of my new neon nail polish. ♥ Jonna